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Month: January 2018

VMware Feature Walkthrough…Go try it out!

I know of many individuals out that would like to play around with some of VMware cool features that are out with the new releases.

Understanding and trying out some of VMware features tends to become difficult for individuals, that don’t have access to a lab environment. Most individuals would like to try it out and don’t want to touch their production environment.

VMware has the “Feature Walkthrough” that will allow you to navigate and sample the features with shorts notes for you to understand before you try the feature out in your environment.

Below is the link to the Feature Walkthrough…Go try it out!

Let’s get real – vSAN

Been interesting how technology has been evolving and how VMware is part of the forefront of things. Software Defined Storage (SDS) is fast becoming conversations in this industry and people are trying to get to grips of understanding what is this. The fact that we are able to use local storage to provide shared storage has dramatically changed the way we approach presenting solution to clients. I’m not saying that this technology will entirely replace “The SAN” but rather work for certain use cases.

First things is having an understanding what is vSAN and how this technology will be able to work in your environment.

Below is a link to the vSAN 101:

VMware has also introduced a vSAN certification. This will prove your knowledge of this amazing piece of software that will help you achieve your Software Defined DataCenter.

Below is link if you are interested in obtaining this certification:

That’s a wrap – VMworld 2017 (10 Years Strong – Europe)

Long Overdue…. but here goes my mini wrap up of VMworld 2017. As usual there is a lot that we know from the US VMworld and quite excited about getting more information around the new releases.

What’s New – VMworld 2017.
 vCloud Suite 2017
 VMware Cloud on AWS
 vRealize Automation 7.3
 vCloud NFV OpenStack Edition
 Horizon Cloud
 vRealize Suite 2017
 VMware Cloud Foundation
 Workspace ONE
 VMware AppDefense
 Horizon 7.3
 VMware Pivotal Container
 VMware Cloud Services
 VMware vSphere Integrated Containers 1.2
 VMware Integrated OpenStack 4.0

So, this is a lot of new and old faithful products that have been released/updated. Below you will find a link that will take you to abundant information to give you a better understanding around the above mentioned.

I extremely love the solutions exchange as you get to meet some amazing vendors with amazing technologies. You get time to mingle and understand their technologies and how it may benefit you in your organization.

Here is the link to the list of vendors:

The social scene was great. Great networking opportunities, the best for me was attending the vExpert Party. Got to meet the program team and network with fellow VMware enthusiast.

Till VMworld 2018!!!

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