As I prepare for a new year (2021)…I need to reflect on 2020. Last year has been one the most uncertain years for anyone. Most of the world started 2020 with excitement and loads of plans to accomplish. We all like to put in some solid goals for the year. Regardless of where in the world we as based COVID-19 had an impact in our daily lives. This seemed so unreal…felt like this was a movie and things that we only thought off and watched open the big screen has just become a reality.

Although last year was difficult for the worlds population, it was great to see countries come together to fight this virus. We have seen business re-invent themselves as well as individuals. We all tried to stay informed and tried our best to try and live a normal life with this virus that floated around. We had nations enforcing complete lockdowns to help reducing the spread of the virus, which meant that we needed to change the we work and lived.

Home became the office and the office became home…this posed to be difficult for many household and we all started to work even more that we did when we had to go into the office. We learnt how to manage home and work life in the same space.

We started to use technologies that in some parts of the world seemed to be used too, but for others it became the new norm. Digital platforms such as Zoom & Teams became the gateway and medium for us to have our meetings and have visual sanity. Collaboration tools became so ever important to our lives and the internet just showed us…how we needed this to be able and stay connected.

Technology has really played a huge part of keeping the sanity of people and business operational while we are in this pandemic. To all the companies and individuals around the world that have brought these technologies for free for a limited time just to help companies and people to stay connected….Thank You!

As for 2021…we need to ensure that the momentum that was started last year continues. I’ve spent sometime last year attending virtual conferences and assisted clients with their journeys to the cloud. We have seen that adoption of cloud growing exponentially in South Africa and I assume around the world.

We just need to continue evolving ourselves…I really enjoyed the vendors that provided free training to help build skills and gain new skills. Let’s don’t stop.

Hopefully this year I can get more posts done 🙂

Finally…I would like for the following:

Business needs to become more agile.

People need to adopt technology.