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So in my previous post, I shared a few links to start of some training to better understand Kubernetes. One of the links was to the Kubernetes Academy provided by VMware. There was a lot of entry level / beginners training to get you familiar with Kubernetes.  So VMware is now offering the advanced stack of training, done by instructors and subject matter experts. This is really awesome as we get to widen our knowledge and understand the platform as it will be part of our day to day activities.

“KubeAcademy Pro connects you with industry leaders for free so you can advance your skill set regardless of where you are on your Kubernetes journey. Whether you’re a systems administrator new to Kubernetes or an operator ready to manage clusters, KubeAcademy Pro includes a breadth of courses for a wide range of roles.

KubeAcademy Pro instructors are made up of VMware Kubernetes architects, field engineers, trainers, and developer advocates who bring their experience helping customers adopt Kubernetes, as well as their own experience learning Kubernetes.”

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Source – KubeAcademy – Courses Catalog