Businesses had to change their strategy

It seems that we are in a movie and we can’t seem to get out of it. Reality check, we are not, this is real and this is happening globally. In South Africa we got our first case in March and our government acted quickly to enforce a national lockdown. With all of the hysteria of individuals wondering what’s going happen and how do we ensure we survive the lockdown, people have forgotten to plan for working remotely.

What has fast-tracked “Digital Transformation”? COVID-19

Great meme doing the rounds

Many companies have prepared for disasters and having world class disaster recovery sites…but many have not have planned having everyone from their organisation working from home. This pandemic, has most organisations thinking out of the box and on their feet to come up solutions to keep the business operational.

Many software vendors have come to the party and have provide business with extended trail periods so that business can stay operational so that the worlds economy won’t coming crashing. This show of good faith will also create a great presence in the organisation and for them to adopt that technology. 

Solutions like Zoom, Microsoft Teams & VMware Horizon have offered great service to the world. We have seen many organisations trying to find a way to still be in communication with their staff and still needing the collaboration between teams in the organisation. 

We have seen the remote working in South Africa being really successful and staff being more productive. We needed a push in order for the change, but honestly I did not wish that COVID-19 was the push.

Cloud adoption is growing extremely fast, organisation are having more of an interest in O365, Azure & AWS. In South Africa, we know have the presence of Hyper-Scalers such as AWS & Azure that are on our shores and we are seeing a good up take of moving to the Hyper-Scalers some workloads and data will reside within the South African borders.

On my next post, I will focus on VMware on Hyper-Scalers in South Africa

Together we can overcome this crisis