As this is all very new to me, I decided to do some research so that I can up skill myself and be able to understand the fundamentals and be able to chat to clients that and exploring this avenue. There are many places to start with training and everyone has to offer there unique and simplified version to understand Kubernetes. The content below are my own choices and I will be adding onto the list as I come across exciting and informative content.

To start this journey, I found the below to be pretty awesome to have a very basic overview and a simplified way to look at K8S.

The illustrated Children’s Guide to Kubernetes – Written and performed by Matt Butcher

Another great content I currently going through the training is the Kubernetes Academy from VMware. This is amazing and has excellent content for the beginner and you can work your way up the skill levell. There are well known and respected individuals providing the training.

Hope you enjoy!!!

As a vSphere guy, I’m used to the terminology of VMs (virtual machines), but the new concept I’m busy grasping is containers. Below is a cool clip to show you a practical comparison of containers and VMs.

Containers and VMs – A Practical Comparison