So we are back in the beautiful city of Barcelona to attend VMworld 2019. There was some 13000 attendees, which shows the passion that people in the IT industry still see value in VMware and are ever keen to find out what’s the latest and what’s coming soon from VMware.

As always a very inspiring Keynote from VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger, to kick-off VMworld 2019. There has been a lot acquisitions done by VMware, which is really exciting as these companies will compliment existing VMware products & solutions.

Being from the African Continent, South Africa, it was great to hear and see the initiative known as “Virtualize Africa”. Really great program and humbling so see large organisations willing to invest in Africa.

The main topic for the VMworld was around Enterprise Applications. VMware has put the right foot forward in the right direction. VMware Project Pacific and Tanzu Mission Control was the hot topic.

With that mentioned above, its a whole new world for many traditional VMware Consultants. The typical VMware Consultant, always focused on the key areas of Compute, Storage and Networking. Now we will need to get familiar with the DevOps and Kubernetes side of things. 

Day 1 – General Session – VMworld 2019
Day 2 – General Session – VMworld 2019

News at VMworld Europe

VMware Announces New Security Solutions to Bring Intrinsic Security to the Modern Distributed Enterprise

VMware Advances VMware Tanzu Portfolio to Accelerate Adoption of Kubernetes in the Enterprise

VMware Cloud On AWS Helps Customers Across Europe Migrate and Modernize Applications

VMware Unveils Project Maestro, A Telco Cloud Orchestrator, To Help CSPs Accelerate Multi-Cloud Operational Agility

VMware Workspace ONE Delivers Day Zero Employee Experiences, Enabling IT and HR to Accelerate New Hire Time to Productivity

To Conclude…as always it was and honour to attend VMware, and to meet old friends and make new friends and get to network. The social events are great as well and what I really enjoy about this conference, is the Solutions Exchange Area, get to meet with experts from all vendors, see some amazing startup companies and to play around with some cool techs and watch awesome demos from most vendors.

Until VMworld 2020…Enjoy the ride!!!