VMware Training has alway been important to me and I encourage a lot of people to attend training as this always improve us as individuals in our profession. Training done on product has been relevant in the past as we focused on the product and understand the capabilities and feature sets within the product.

As VMware has evolved with many acquisitions to their portfolio, it becomes difficult to do product training. VMware should introduce solution based training, this will allow individuals to pull the products together to be able to understand how these products put together will provide a solution for the business.

Solution training should be for both sides of the fence, end-user & partner. I believe that more focus should be aimed at the partner community as they are the extended sales force for VMware and are delivering the vision to the end-user (client/customer). When partners understand how all these products work together, the easier it will be for the client to adopt these technologies and allowing the business to benefit and reach some of their digital transformation journey.

Solutions, such as VCF are becoming more & more a discussion with clients and it’s important to be able to deliver the message around the solution.

So hopefully if the near future this will become more available to everyone.